Information about the Cross Country Skiing Course for International Students 2022 hosted by UiO, BI and OSI Langrenn

From the ski course in 2018


It’s our pleasure to welcome you all to our 3 days ski course (approx. 10 hours) due in January/February 2022. This year we will arrange courses for both UiO and BI. The course consists of an introductory lecture to skiing, and two days of ski practice with instructors in the Snow park at Sognsvann (meet at Sognsvann metro station!) first day and from Frognerseteren station second day (This may change if the conditions are bad!!). 

The dates are:

  • Theory: UiO: February 7. at 6pm (2h of theory). BI: January 27. at 6 pm (2h of theory)
  • Practices: UiO: February 12+13 or February 19+20 (choose one of the weekends, the practice will be the same in the two weekends). BI: January 29+30



Detailed program (N.B because of the conditions, some of the dates and places might be changed, read carefully and check the information again before the course!!) :


Day 1, theory (UiO: Feb. 7 - Blindern, Georg Sverdrups Hus, Auditorium 1 at 6:00-8:00 PM.  BI: Jan. 27 - Room B2-060 (department B, second floor) at 6:00-8:00 PM): Theory; we will give a short lecture on cross-country skiing; clothing, ski wax, type of skis and the basic techniques.  


Day 2, practice day (UiO: February 12 for group 1, and February 19 for group 2 both from 10:00 to 14:00 AM.  BI: January 29 from 11:00 to 15:00 AM) 


If you are able to wax your skis before the course or bring some wax for the day, feel free to do so. Check the latest temperature reading on the day of the practices, (Eg see Remember: It is better to put on too hard/cold wax than too soft/mild wax.

For those who need help with waxing we will have some wax available, and we will help you with waxing your skis before we start the day.  


10.00AM: Meet near the metro station at Sognsvann (N.B. BI start one hour later, at 11:00 AM

10.05AM: Welcome and presentation of the days program by the leader of the day.

10.10AM: We walk to Snøparken (“the Snow park”) about 300 m from Sognsvann metro station.

10.20-10.30AM: We try on our skis, and get a feeling of how to move forward on flat grounds.

10.30-11.00AM: We start with diagonal technique. Walk on a flat area first without poles and then with poles. Keep the weight distribution in mind (from the lecture!) and work with this.

11.00-11.30AM: We introduce double poling and practice on a flat area.

11.30-12.00AM: Lunch. Please bring something to eat and drink!

12.00-12.30AM: The group will be divided into smaller groups and we will practice on how to stop (plowing) and how to get up steep uphills (fishbone technique) as well as how to turn around curves.

12.30AM-1PM: We repeat diagonal and double pooling and try to combine this to do double pooling with kick.

1.00PM-2PM: We will do a small walk around Gaustadjordet which is an area with small up- and down hills close to the snow park.

Day 3, practice day (UiO: February 13 for course group 1 and February 20 for course group 2.  BI: January 30 from 11:00 to 15:00 AM) 


10AM: Meet near the metro station at Frognerseteren (N.B. BI start one hour later, at 11:00 AM)


10.10AM: Welcome and presentation of the days program by the leader of the day.

10.30-11.00AM: We repeat the techniques from yesterday: Diagonal, double pooling and double pooling with kick, as well as plowing, how to turn and steep uphill skiing(fishbone).

11.00-12.30AM: We divide the group into smaller groups and you will practice on the different techniques you learnt yesterday. The most advanced of you will get the opportunity to go for a longer trip if you want.


12.30 AM-2PM: We’ll make a campfire and cook hotdogs and other barbecue-able food. NB! Please bring what you want to eat and drink!  



For UiO students: click here for more information and to sign up: Ski course

For BI students: contact BI to sign up.

Information on where you can find skis for rent/borrow: 

Athletica Kringsjå - For students or members of Athletica. Here you can rent skis for a month or for the whole season. Since many people rent skis for the whole season there might be limited amount of skis later in the season, we therefore recomend to check if they have skis available in good time before the course. Info: (

BUA - Here you can borrow equipment for a shorter time. There are some opporunities to book in advance, but also opportunities for drop-in. They have different locations in Oslo so find your closest in the map (remember to check the opening hours). It is also possible to check other locations if the first one was out of skis. Info:(

Frigo - Here you can get skis for a week. Drop-in. Opening hours and adress:( Info:(

Oslo vinterpark / Skimore - Here you can book skis in advance for a period of your choice. Info:(

Other opportunities: Skattekammeret, hygglo... If you are interested in buying skis you can check for used skis (( try search for "ski" or "langrenn"), or a normal sports shop for new skis. 

Remember that in a good season many people are interested in borrowing/renting skis so check out different opportunities and don't wait until the last minute to find skis. 

If you are wondering what size is optimal for your body you can follow this: 

Classic skis should optimally be around 15-25 cm longer than your length. For skating, the skis should optimally be 0-15 cm longer than you. If you have limited options, we would recomend choosing a pair that is shorter than optimal, rather than longer than optimal. 

For classic poles you shoud look for poles that will reach up to just under your armpis, for skating you should look for a pair that is some cm above your shoulders. 

If you think about getting skating skis, remember that on the course we will mainly focus on the classic technique.